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 The combination of domain knowledge and AI in a single system.

SynergizAITM, ASPL’s proprietary AI platform, interfaces with more than 110 thousand smart devices and 330 megawatts of energy assets globally. Its implementation spans 10 industries with more than 300 customers and is growing rapidly. 

SynergizAITM provides a seamless integration between existing system and AI models to provide constructive insight to boost productivity. We focus on various industries like energy and utilities, transportation, commercial & Industrial (C&I), manufacturing, and disaster management. Its platform is flexible in connectivity for wide compatibility of devices, from edge to cloud.

Together with both software and hardware offerings from our digitalization and electrification departments (renewable generation, energy storage, etc), we provide integrated solutions that leverage Information Technology (IT), Operation Technology (OT) and Energy Technology (ET) for our clients.

SynergizAITM is designed to have domain knowledge integrated into our AI models. We provide 1500+ industry device models, 100+ protocol adaptors, 180+ AI models, and various solution templates for intelligent renewables, intelligent manufacturing and smart cities. Combined, we provide solutions efficiently and effectively, accelerate transformation.

Key Capabilities of

  • Monitor. An interactive dashboard for viewing status and data of your assets.
  • Organize. Structure and analyze massive datasets with ease.
  • Insights. Provide impactful information with its large knowledge base.
  • Automated. Provide early warnings and recommend actions in real-time.
  • Report. Providing analytics report periodically to aid important decision-making.

What is the benefit of  ?

Make better decisions.

Improve decision-making with highly configurable reporting tools. Overlay multiple sets to create useful charts and export them for different stakeholders.

Resolve issues elegantly.

Enhance troubleshooting solutions with smarter root cause analysis, by visualizing both active and historical alarm events.

Optimize asset health.

Enhance asset health and extend asset lifespan by rapidly respond to anomalies before they become full-blown faults.

Cut costs.

Perform maintenance work only when required. Cut costs associated with inspecting and maintaining assets that are working perfectly well.

Improve productivity

Figure out important trends hidden across vast data sets and recommend optimal actions.

How can helps you scale Innovation?

Intelligent Renewables

How SynergizAITM transforms Intelligent Renewables

– Intelligent platform offers real-time energy data across energy generation and consumption devices, storages, grids to enhance energy management.
– Provide alerts and recommended actions on maximum demand and power factors, helps to increase cost savings.
– Predictive energy management system helps to mitigate maximum demand and power factor issues.

Who it benefits

Manufacturing, Commercial & Industrial
Gain significant competitive advantages and cost savings.

Intelligent Manufacturing

How SynergizAITM boost productivity

– Intelligent platform offers tailored-made solutions to improve productivity.
– Provide valuable insights with real-time data and accurate AI models.
– Intelligently predicts and rectifies ahead of time, signficantly reducing downtime.

Who it benefits

Boosting productivity by reducing down time.

Smart Cities

How SynergizAITM saves lifes.

– Intelligence system analyze environment data in real-time, providing disaster warnings ahead-of-time.
– Predictive control automatically perform optimal actions to reduce risk.

Who it benefits

Governments, Cities
Transform city into a safer place to live.

SynergizAITM Platform

Providing insights with its large knowledge base 

Organize vast data sets effortlessly – whether across smart devices or integrated systems.
– Present data in an intuitive, engaging manner to help decision-makers understand the impact.
– Discover meaningful patterns hidden across extensive data sets. 
– Help enterprise customers design and build Intelligent Operation Centers, provided as a consultancy service. 

Applied Sectors


Energy & Utilities

Increase renewable power production and improve grid stability with better load and weather forecast accuracy.​

Transportation & Logistics

Reducing down time with early fault detection and warning system.

Commercial & Industrial

Improve efficiency and reducing running cost to enhance profitability.


Tailor our solutions for your needs using our SynergizAITM models. Accelerate transformation.

Cities & Disaster Management

Save lives, and empower the economy with early disaster warning and mitigation actions.

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