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Electrification Package Solution

Electrification Package Solution

Electrification is the process of powering by electricity and, in many contexts, the introduction of such power by changing over from an earlier power source.

The electrification in particular sectors of the economy is called by terms such as factory electrification, household electrification, rural electrification and railway electrification. It may also apply to changing industrial processes such as smelting, melting, separating or refining from coal or coke heating, or chemical processes to some type of electric process such as electric arc furnace, electric induction or resistance heating, or electrolysis or electrolytic separating.

Electrification was called “the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th Century” by the National Academy of Engineering.

To allow flexibility in achieving your desired goals in electrification, Allied Solutions offers packaged solutions which includes any of the following scope of items:

From primary power generation, transmission & distribution into secondary control system, monitoring, communication, and data acquisition.

Electrical Engineering services for brand new substation or retrofitting solutions on existing electrical equipment & systems.

Conventional electrical design into customize modern electrical solution.

Professional specialists that are reliable, skilled and has great amounts of hand on experience.

Electrical solution consultancy.

Any other customized solution that may arise.

 Electrification Package Solution

Substation Equipment &
Services from 1kV to 36kV

Secondary Control system & services


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