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CIMON Xpanel

(Touch Screen)



CIMON-XPANEL is a Windows CE based HMI unit.
A combination of software and hardware, suitable for various monitoring needs within industrial sites.


High CPU Speed Processor

Equipped with high-speed industrial CPU.

Aluminum Die-Casted Front Bezel

Improved heat and shock resistance better protect the electrical components in the unit. (XT10 and larger models)

Extensive Lineup

Available in a wide range of display size, from 4” to 15”.

Variety of Interfaces

Includes Ethernet, Serial (RS232/485), USB, and SD card slot options


A recipe is a collection of data that can be easily changed with the user’s pre-defined values. For example, in a cookie production factory that produces different types of cookies, the operator can easily modify the ingredient data values to change between different cookie flavor profiles. The recipe settings can be simply created, modified, or deleted during production. Also, recipe data can be imported and exported during runtime.

Data Logging

Raw data or internal data can be recorded when a certain criterion is met. The data is internally collected in memory blocks or model. The operator can convert the data file into a CSV format. USB memory or SD card can also be connected to the XPANEL, allowing the user to save as much data that the storage unit allows.


Engineers can easily build a program by using a script which is similar to the C language. Scripts allow you to operate various actions, such as opening a page or changing device settings. Scripts can be triggered and executed in different ways: automatically, manually, periodically, or upon opening/closing of a page.


Schedule allows the user to schedule a program to be run at a specific time. Scheduled events can be set to execute every day, week, month, or year, allowing users an easier management of the facility.


Alarms are used to monitor data values and to inform the users about specific operating conditions. Alarm information and history can be checked on the display. An unlimited number of alarms can be created and alarms can be categorized into a maximum of 10 groups. Depending on the alarm group, specific scripts can be run to take appropriate actions. Alarm history can also be exported as a CSV file and read with MS Excel. Moreover, alarm messages can appear at the bottom of the screen like a subtitle so that an operator can see the current screen and the alarm message at the same time.

Data Bridge

XPANEL can act as a bridge and allow exchange of data between other devices. Devices that are connected to different Serial ports, or Serial and Ethernet ports can exchange data.

Multilingual Feature

XPANEL supports virtually every language to be displayed on the screen. Also, all fonts provided by Windows can be used. (*Note: The use of illegally downloaded fonts can be subject to legal action, and Cimon will not be held liable in such cases.)


To allow the corporation to protect its system and employees, XPANEL provides security settings. This feature protects the system from unauthorized access or unskilled manipulation. Also, by using a maximum of 10 security levels, an administrator can assign different functions to different operators

Distribution Management

Supports RFID reader to manage the logistics of the distribution system more efficiently. (Compatible with Omron, Sick, and LS products). Compatible with the bar-code readers in serial or USB type and it is possible for the operator to display the barcode on the screen. (‘Code 39’ function)


XPANEL provides a solution for monitoring and controlling the system from anywhere. With Ethernet connection. The system can be monitored and controlled with a PC or a smartphone.

Screen Capture

Screenshots of the current screen can be taken during runtime. The image is saved as a bitmap file and can be used when creating a report for the management.


When an alarm occurs in the system, XPANEL can send a text message to the operator immediately. This ensures that an operator can take appropriate measures to resolve the problem promptly


The operator can virtually simulate the project by using the ‘Simulator’. This feature can be used when there are no physical devices (XPANEL and PLC) and there is a need to test a project. The simulator includes a remote control feature which can change the PLC address for a more realistic simulation.

Remote Diagnostic Service

Our technicians can connect to your XPANEL through Ethernet and provide technical support. This allows for a quick remediation due to the status of the XPANEL unit being analyzed without a site visit.

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