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CIMON-PLC is an industrial control device based on international standards of IEC61131. It is designed for a plant site that requires industry-leading reliability. CIMON-PLC is optimized for Industry 4.0 and enhances the intelligence of industrial sites.

Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a general-purpose control device that automates processes by controlling machinery such as assembly lines. PLC operates based on user-defined programs which includes a variety of functions for sequence, motion, and process control.

CIMON PLC series provides innovative solutions not only for general automation fields but also for enterprise information integration. CIMON will meet your needs by delivering the highest productivity and performance.


Extensive Lineup

Covers a wide range of applications from a simple device control to large scale factory operations

Redundancy System

Provides high reliability of control with network redundancy.
•CPU module, power module, base, and communication redundancies available
•Redundancy configuration possible through separated base structure •Backup CPU becomes active automatically when currently active CPU fails due to an error
•Takes less than 50ms to switch to the backup CPU
•Redundancy network can be built up with the host computer

Easy Expansion

Allows the system to be easily expanded via Ethernet ports

High Precision Positioning

Precise motor position control with EtherCAT communication

CICON Software

CICON is an interactive software to simply and easily create ladder programs.

BASE Expansion

The extension function using Ethernet allows simple base extension.

Variety of network solutions supported

The protocol program can be used to communicate according to the protocols of various control devices

Embedded Flash Memory

With built-in flash memory, RAM/ROM operation mode can be selected and used.

High-Speed MPU

High-speed MPU enhances high-speed processes.

PLC Series Compatibility

XP, CP, and PLC-S can all be programmed using CICON software

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