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“AI-ASSET” system is designed in compliance with real-time ensuring your asset at the tip-top condition, significantly prevent catastrophically failure. Withholding AI-ASSET philosophy, the system provides you the early indication of faulty condition. Therefore, you can be more prudence by applying performance based maintenance instead of time-based maintenance.


Principle of AI-Asset

Golden Data Analytic

Predictive Modeling

Model Operationalizing

Preventive Monitoring

Performance based Maintenance

AI-Asset Benefits

When do you determine problem root cause? Earlier or after?

  • Diagnose the root cause before chaotic catastrophe begun.
  • Gain insightful asset condition for better planning and scheduling.

Say “No” to time based maintenance

  • Performance based maintenance scheduling
  • Replacing or refurbishing worn equipment
  • Reducing installation effects which significantly reduce downtime.

Energy efficiency in your asset

Better matching of asset output to demand by controlling your asset efficiently

You get peace of mind

You need not worry on:

  • Unknown remaining asset life
  • Unplanned maintenance
  • Asset safety
  • Escalating cost
  • Downtime & closures

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