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Discrete Automation


Discrete control is one of the major subsystems in industrial automation in the manufacturing sector and it is one of the primary drivers for growth and maturity.

Generally, discrete manufacturing processes support workflows such as Make-to-stock (MTS), Make-to-order (MTO) and Assembly-to-order (ATO). With discrete manufacturing, we can meet consumers’ rising expectations with faster delivery times, options to customize products, more transparency and lower cost.

Today, smart discrete automation helps manufacturers excel in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. Only by introducing digital automation innovation will we be able to improve supply chain efficiencies.                                       

We see discrete automation too in the transportation industry and transportation efficiency these days can be improved tremendously with well connected and automated computing and communications. This opens new possibilities for accurate positioning and smart decision-making systems to be deployed in traditional or new transportation systems.

Great benefits will derive from adopting such cohesive and efficient transportation automation systems, be it from the aspects of safety, environment, economy and so forth.

Not forgetting the oil & gas industry, which is one of the largest industries in the world, it is not surprising that one of the most innovative industries is heavily embracing new technologies and innovations to increase productivity. The industry is rapidly changing, and rightfully through the adoption of automation.


Discrete automation in totality helps in various ways and some of the highlighted advantages that it brings are:

Implementation of condition monitoring from standalone or integrated systems to portable analysis tools

Transform traditional plants into digital plants

Introduces redundancy control & monitoring systems

Maintenance of a model-based visualization diagram

Monitor and improve the performance of the entire plant networks

Provides insight and instrument data readings that shows the system’s stability, system security, and efficiency

Enabling Operators, Analysts, and Planners to respond rapidly, accurately and appropriately to system conditions for effective planning and scheduling of maintenance operations

Has applications for online access and update of inspection and maintenance data

Able to conduct real-time and historical data analysis using engineering and security software

Has control layers that can be automatic or online which includes electronic components or mechanical instruments

Interacts with 3rd party system with complete information display in monitoring system

Accurate & Precise Billing report generation from certified flow computer

Proving set-up and termination, including proving reports, and acceptance of computed K-factors

Designed to provide uncertainty equals or better than ±0.30% of mass and standard volume with 95% confidence level within operation conditions

Parts or batches can be tracked by job number, serial number, or other tracking codes

All processed data are recorded and stored electronically, and combines process interfaces, calculations, and databases into one uniform solution


With discrete automation, the results from its implementation are many. Here, we highlight the few that matters most:

Achieve security and reliability whilst ensuring economical balance

Real-time insights for active risk-management

Establishing a risk-control integrated technical support system

Allowing a more accurate instrument control

Scalable automation solution that is geared towards optimum productivity, energy efficiency, and product quality

Better runnability

More uniformed quality

Continuous improvement towards superior performance, collaborative customer service and better profitability

Reduced property loss and downtime on operations through early detection

Facilitate clear responsibilities and incentives for planning and implementing transmission system expansion


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