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Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence & Accuracy for Day to Day Operations

Manufacturers today require up-to-date information and intelligence to overcome day to day operations. The complex world of manufacturing needs smart and agile solutions to make it work effectively – all the time. ASPL is dedicated to devising creative and innovative answers for some of the most challenging issues manufacturing must deal with – now and in the future. These answers are derived from our deep practical experience and with the right tools, deliver the right solution.

Does Your Business Require You to:

Improve information Availability & Accuracy

Gain clear operational insights

Understand Trend, Root Causes & Impact

Make decisions based on Verified Intelligence

Significantly improve operation and profitability

If you answer yes to the above, you’ll need a feasible solution, and that’s where we come in.


ASPL provides solutions that are fast, flexible, and focused on solving specific business challenges and with a set of pre-configured solutions that correspond with the challenges faced by our customers frequently, such as OEE, E-Records, SPC, and more. Start with one of our pre-configured solutions or create your own using our offered powerful built-in configuration tools.

Consult us today to manage your manufacturing operations as simple as possible. Our extensive out-of-the-box functionalities ensures this regardless of infrastructure — whether your factory has one line or 100, uses manual or automated production processes — you’ll be on your way to measurable improvement.

Our Real Time Performance Management System tracking helps you:

Gather data in real time

Consolidate inputs from variety of sources

Store and Organize in manufacturing specific schemas

Report and display to the plant floor

Expose and analyze to the enterprise

Mobile-ready interface — manage your operation anywhere

Pre-configured solution templates for rapid deployment of popular solutions, such as OEE, SPC, more

Web-based configuration tools help you avoid costly custom development

‘Push’ data refresh model reduces server load by 70% or more

Hybrid user authentication for increased security and flexibility

Multi-site support — standardize and gain enterprise-wide visibility

The tools that we utilize helps you:


Spend Less, Get More

Be up and running quickly. Out-of-the-box functionality for key solutions: OEE, SPC, e-Records, and more.


Leverage your other assets
ERP. SCADA. PLC. IoT. We integrate with your existing infrastructure to provide a complete picture.

Responsive Web Interface
Our solution utilizes the latest web platforms: HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, backbone, signalR, and more.

Create, Configure, Customize
Tailor our solutions for your needs using built-in code-free configuration tools, or extend the solution using the standard .NET framework.

Single Sign-On
Everything can be simplified and our solution provides advanced user authentication for effective access rights management and security by definable roles and responsibilities.

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