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Matrikon offers OPC UA and OPC based data interoperability products for control automation. The Matrikon brand promise is to empower vendor and end-user customers with reliable, scalable, and innovative data connectivity and interoperability products, training, and support to best compete in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie4.0 (I4.0) era. Matrikon outfits automation vendors with a superior OPC UA development toolkit perfect for use in all their product lines ranging from embedded devices to cloud applications. For its end-user customers, Matrikon provides key data tools needed to best facilitate enterprise wide data sharing. More than a software company, Matrikon actively participates in standards organizations and builds close relationships with its customers and partners globally to help them best address their business and technical challenges in an ever more complex, competitive, and connected world.


UA Proxy for OPC Servers

Matrikon UA Proxy enables classic OPC based client applications to connect with OPC Unified Architecture (UA) servers running on PCs and embedded directly on UA enabled devices. This allows users to integrate UA enabled products into their existing OPC classic infrastructures.

UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers

The Matrikon UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers enables users to connect to their COM/ DCOM based “OPC Classic” servers using the new OPC UA specification. This supported utility wraps COM-based OPC Servers and exposes them as folders in an OPC UA Server’s address space.

OPC UA Software Development Kit (SDK)

The OPC UA SDK from Matrikon is a software development kit that allows you to quickly and easily add an OPC UA Server to your embedded product. Our scalable, standards based SDK can be integrated into every class, from discrete sensors and actuators to programmable controllers and beyond. Add real value to your IIoT product by enabling direct point and click configuration, management and monitoring from any OPC UA Client. The OPC UA SDK is an effective solution for deploying IIoT connectivity across your product line.

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