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Artificial Intelligence Dosing System


AI-DOSE (Artificial Intelligence Dosing System)

“AI-DOSE” system is designed in compliance with real-time automated coagulation dosing process for water treatment plant, significantly serves to dose-on-demand. Withholding AI-DOSE philosophy, the system also allows facilities to be operated at a optimum dosing performance with reduced operator’s intervention.


Principle of AI-DOSE

Golden Data Analytic

Predictive Modeling

Model Operationalizing

Automated Dosing

AI-DOSE Benefits

Optimal price-performance ratio

Using our standardized Software you reach the efficient total chemicals consumption

The right dose for water turbidity control

The simplest way to control your water turbidity with peace of mind

You own the dosing know-how

Secure and gain insight of your optimum dosing  with AI-DOSE inside.

Real-time optimizing the coagulation process

Real-time response to volatile information integrated with automation control.

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