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Matrikon offers OPC UA and OPC based data interoperability products for control automation. The Matrikon brand promise is to empower vendor and end-user customers with reliable, scalable, and innovative data connectivity and interoperability products, training, and support to best compete in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie4.0 (I4.0) era. Matrikon outfits automation vendors with a superior OPC UA development toolkit perfect for use in all their product lines ranging from embedded devices to cloud applications. For its end-user customers, Matrikon provides key data tools needed to best facilitate enterprise wide data sharing. More than a software company, Matrikon actively participates in standards organizations and builds close relationships with its customers and partners globally to help them best address their business and technical challenges in an ever more complex, competitive, and connected world.


Data Broker

Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) establishes and manages data access to your 3rd party control automation data sources regardless if the connections are across the shop-floor, throughout your enterprise, or to the cloud.

MDB uses the latest open standard data connectivity technologies like OPC UA and MQTT to solve complex shop-floor connectivty challenges and overcome IT/OT gaps “under-the-hood” so companies can focus on putting their shopfloor data to work instead of wasting time and resources trying access it.

OPC Server

Solve the toughest real-world industrial data connectivity challenges using the right data connectivity tools from Matrikon. Built to facilitate open and secure third party shop floor connectivity, Matrikon OPC UA and OPC Classic solutions put you in control of your new and existing data connectivity infrastructure projects.

Matrikon award winning data connectivity applications provide you with data connectivity you need:

  • Legacy system data connectivity to virtually all major automation vendor components
  • Data management tools to securely and reliably move OT data across complex IT networks
  • Mix and migrate OPC Classic and OPC UA components
  • Implement Industrial internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie4.0 Platform projects

What data connectivity challenge can we help you solve?

  • PLC OPC Server Suite
  • DCS OPC Server Suite
  • Building Automation OPC Server Suite
  • Telemetry SCADA OPC Server Suite
  • Turbine Controller OPC Server Suite
  • Historical Data Access Suite

OPC Archiving and Analytics

Historical data has never been this easy to configure, store, and transfer. Exposing historical data using standards-based OPC HDA enables users to easily “tap-in” to the data flow at any point. MatrikonOPC has the tools you need to store, move, and access historical data.

  • OPC Excel Reporter – Easily create production & performance reports
  • Easy OPC Trender – Transform your OPC HDA data into knowledge
  • OPC Client for ODBC – Quickly log data into any database
  • OPC Desktop Historian – Lightweight historian for time-based data storage
  • OPC A&E Historian – Store A&E data from any data source into one repository
  • OPC History Link – Transfer and consolidate historical data between historians
  • OPC Buffer – Remote data collection and buffering too
  • OPC Critical Event Buffer – High speed data capture for critical events
  • OPC HDA Explorer – Quickly connect to HDA OPC Server
  • Matrikon Condition Manager – Manage a condition management

OPC Data Management

Here you’ll find products related to the transfer and conversion of data. Leveraging OPC’s Client/Server model, these communication enablers can be added to most OPC systems to provide additional functionality.

  • OPC UA Tunneller™ Software – Fastest and secure way to make OPC connections
  • OPC Data Manager – Share and map data between OPC Servers
  • OPC Redundancy Broker – Make all your OPC connections redundant
  • OPC Funnel – Consolidate OPC Servers into a single OPC Gateway
  • Condition Manager – perform on-the-fly OPC calculations

OPC UA (Unified Architecture)

Interoperability and Standardization are what OPC is all about. While conventional OPC solved the device interoperability problem at the Control level, the demand for that same level of standardization was required for the Enterprise layer. OPC Classic is based on the Microsoft DCOM which can introduce vulnerabilities at these layers. Urgency to find simplicity, maximum interoperability, and security drove the OPC foundation into creating a unified method of data communication for parts of the existing OPC specifications for DA, HDA, A&E, and Security.

OPC Unified Architecture extends the highly successful OPC communication protocol, enabling data acquisition and information modeling and communication between the plant floor and the enterprise reliably and securely.

The key features and benefits for OPC UA are:

  • Platform neutrality to run on any operating system
  • Future-ready and Legacy-friendly
  • Easy configuration and maintenance
  • Service-based technology
  • Increased visibility
  • Broader scope of connectivity
  • Higher Performance

Find out what OPC UA products are available below:

  • MatrikonOPC UA Suite
    MatrikonOPC, early adopters of UA and UA specification editors as part of the OPC Foundation Board of Directors, delivers what the world is really thriving for. MatrikonOPC UA is compliant with the latest OPC Foundation’s UA Specification. Using MatrikonOPC UA technology securely broadens your connectivity horizons, open new market shares, and enables you to achieve ultimate scalability in the automation world today.
  • MatrikonOPC UA Embedded Suite
    MatrikonOPC is the only vendor to offer an OPC UA Embedded Server SDK scalable across every class of device. Whether your product is engineered for minimum unit cost or maximum performance we have the right solution for you.

OPC UA Data Gateways

Matrikon Industrial and Gateway data connectivity devices provide the ultimate in secure, reliable data visibility into remote parts of the enterprise commonly considered out of reach or overly expensive for traditional PC based OPC solutions.

From remote substations to rigs and offshore platforms – Matrikon Industrial and Gateway products are tough enough to handle challenging remote environments, are compact in size for use in confided ‘at the source’ spaces, and are easy to deploy and to administer remotely to maximize remote data access while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

OPC Solutions and Architectures

MatrikonOPC offers a wide variety of OPC solutions and products that solves many market problems. Unlike other OPC vendors that provide the bare minimum for data connectivity, MatrikonOPC offers complete OPC solutions to ensure that you receive all your data in secure and reliable manner.

  • OPC DMZ Agent – Secure data access across de-militarized zones
  • OPC Hub and Spoke – Store and Forward data from remote locations
  • OPC Security – Provide data on the Need-To-Know basis
  • Wireless OPC Solutions – Access OPC Data anywhere wirelessly
  • OPC for the Wind Industry – Standardize data access with OPC
  • OPC Dynamic Recipe Loading – Create batch recipes on the fly using OPC
  • OPC for the Power Industry – Accessing the right information at the right time
  • OPC for SmartGrid – Secure connectivity between all of the wireless data
  • OPC for DCS Migrations – Reduce DCS Migration Project Risk with OPC

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